Roof Protection

The roof of your recreational vehicle is what protects you from the weather (UV rays, precipitation, tree debris, contaminants, etc.). However, exposure to these elements takes its toll on your RV roof surface and in time, can render it less effective. A rubber roof will have scale deposits, it will crack, chip or dry.  An aluminum roof may oxidize, change color and crumble. A membrane may puncture or distend. Proper treatment of your RV’s roof will protect it from sun and rain while allowing our experienced technicians to spot a potential problem before it gets worse. To prolong the life of your RV and maintain good resale value, have your roof regularly inspected and treated (the vast majority of professionals recommend at least 2 visits per year). At BrilleXperts, we have the right products for your roof covering and the experience needed for a flawless result.

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