Chipping (Vin-Lock)

burinage_vin_lockChipping is the marking of parts of your boat to identify them and minimize the risk of theft. The Vin-Lock chiseling technique with acid, rather than sandblasting, eliminates the risk of damage caused by this widespread practice. In addition, a maximum of parts is marked to exceed the standards of insurers, and deterrent stickers to affix on your boat are also offered. The implementation of strict preventive measures allows total control over your certification: limited issuance of a certificate of compliance to prevent tampering, registration of each chipping at the Vin-Lock Facility Registry, special procedures for severely damaged boats to reduce the risk of fraud, the possibility of certification transfer and more. In case of theft, immediate assistance is offered and public access to the registration status (stolen or not) allows any buyer to easily check the legitimacy of the product, and locate parts belonging to the stolen boat more easily. Have peace of mind!

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