Protective Film

3139201-tir-d-un-rouge-tuning-voiture-de-sport--Banque-d'imagesYour vehicle faces all kinds of aggression on the road: pebbles, ice, snow, sun, limestone, salt, insects, mud and more. Although the application of a wax or sealant provides increased protection, this is sometimes insufficient. The most exposed parts of your car (bumper and hood, mirrors, wings, etc.) could benefit from the application of a protective film. Real shield against projectiles of all kinds, this invisible protective film is cut to measure to perfectly fit the shapes of your vehicle and its application is safe for painting your body. Extremely resistant to heat and cold, it protects the paint against discoloration due to UV rays and against chemicals, the acidity of rain and minor impacts. Protect your vehicle now: BrilleXperts’ experienced technicians can help you.

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