Headlight Reconditioning

21727709-Les-phares-de-voiture-nettoyage-avec-la-machine-de-tampon-de-puissance-au-service-de-voiture-Banque-d'imagesWorn, dirty or stained headlights are not only less aesthetic, but they are also a real danger to your safety. Indeed, when the headlights of your car become opaque, they can lose up to 50% of their lighting power, reducing your visibility in the dark. During the winter, when the sun sets early, or during night driving, it is essential to keep your headlights in perfect condition for optimal driving vision. With quality products, we can restore the original appearance of your headlights in the blink of an eye. The reconditioning of the lenses is done directly on your vehicle, without removing the headlights; a fast and efficient process that gives surprising results. Yellow headlights, opaque, dull or scratched, nothing stands in the way of the experts at BrilleXperts.

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