Tinted glass

6997570-Sunset-colors-reflecting-in-the-passenger-window-of-a-sports-car--Banque-d'imagesIf you considered tinting your car windows for aesthetic reasons, know that there are also a multitude of other advantages to this process. In addition to the touch of luxury and elegance that it brings to your vehicle, you benefit from…

  • Greater privacy – your valuables belongings are safer when sheltered from prying eyes
  • Increased protection against the harmful effects of the sun’s rays (discoloration of fabrics, stifling heat in the passenger compartment, UV rays, blinding sun glare, etc.)
  • Increased protection against blinding headlights from other vehicles on the road
  • Better resistance of your windows against bursting in case of impact and against scratches and imperfections

All the reasons for tinting your windows are good: take care of your vehicle while giving it an elegant look! BrilleXperts quality films guarantee a flawless, durable and resistant result: no flaking, scratches, discoloration or bubbles and optimal vision from inside the vehicle. Come see us!

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